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The Information Technology Decision Makers Network(ITDMN) group.

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Information technology, throughout the world is at the cusp of stupendous growth, across sectors. The speed with which IT platforms and products adapt to new technologies is determining an organization’s market edge. This market dominance is almost directly related to IT or IT powered processes. The faster and more efficient the IT, sharper the edge.


With this churn in the background the role of IT decision makers is becoming more strategic to the success of an organization. The choice of technology that runs huge Data Centers, cloud, storage solutions to the last mile and on premise/in campus networking and endpoint devices that let applications ride on them have their place of importance.

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The Information Technology Decision Makers (ITDM) group is an initiative to bring together experienced and like-minded leaders, influencers and forward thinkers on a neutral platform to discuss, share and influence opinions that define the adaptation of IT across industries. Join us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay updated on the ITDMN activities, events, discussions, and contests.

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This is a platform that lets you discuss new trends, seek suggestions, voice your opinion, share your knowledge and experience, get introduced to new technologies, be informed of relevant IT events happening in India, know the market trends to stay on top of your game and more. Leverage the platform to your professional advantage!

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